Tony MF Rock "Let Me Take You to the Rock House" (Skywalker) 1989

Tony MF Rock

Much less theatrical and hyper-sexual than any offering by his label mates, the 2 Live Crew, Tony MF Rock’s Let Me…

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Anthony Braxton The Berlin/Montreux Concerts

Anthony Braxton

Having dug through about five boxes of easy listening records at a Chelsea street sale, I came across this 1977…

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Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr "A World Without You"

Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr

Capsoul, both musically and geographically, was in a world of its own. Label owner Bill Moss followed the Motown model…

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Erotic Drum Band "Plug Me to Death"

Erotic Drum Band

Upon closer look, the peach tones of the cover art take the fuzzy form of a nude woman lasciviously grasping…

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Timmy Thomas "Funky Me"

Timmy Thomas

In February of 1973, Timmy Thomas’s sociopolitical ballad, “Why Can’t We Live Together?,” reached number one on the R&B charts….

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Jesse Gresham

Jesse Gresham’s “Shooting the Grease” is a charming funk side recorded in 1972. The amateurish quartet sounds a lot like…

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Money Crew

Little is known about the Money Crew. The lone proof of their existence lies within the grooves of this Lowcountry…

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The Chakachas

Although active since the late ’50s, it wasn’t until 1972 when this Belgian combo would strike gold with the A-side…

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“Tonight’s the Night” is a slow disco burner that routinely makes its way into dance clubs at just under 100…

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Rhoda Scott Trio

Rudy Van Gelder was responsible for capturing some of the finest jazz sessions in history. While recording Rhoda Scott, Gelder…

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“Just Cause I’m Guilty” by Hot appears in disproportionate quantities in America’s dollar bins, but is a remarkably funky song…

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Dyke and the Blazers

What happens when you are the O’Jays backing band and you find yourselves stranded in Phoenix? Naturally, you begin recording…

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Unlimited Four

The Unlimited Four were a little-known vocal quartet signed to All Platinum subsidiary Chanson. “Slow Down” finds them dragging out…

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King Hannibal

Atlanta R&B legend Mighty Hannibal underwent a minor name change to record the gritty Truth LP for Aware Records in…

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Joe Perkins and the Memphians

Forgotten Memphis soul belter Joe Perkins stalks a tricky, low-slung rhythm on this classic slice of deep Southern soul. Sounding…

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Paul Kelly

A native of Miami and onetime bandmate of the great Clarence Reid, Soul journeyman Paul Kelly eventually found his way…

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sons_darkness 2

Sons of Darkness

Though New Jersey R&B impresario Peter Brown has been gaining some much-deserved recognition for having mentored eccentric disco producer Gary…

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This one is a revolution sure shot! East London’s Equals transformed themselves from hard-rocking, Vespa-riding dandies to deranged funk adventurers…

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The Montclairs

One of the most undeservedly neglected vocal groups of the early ’70s, the Montclairs released one outstanding LP, Dreaming Out…

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A.C. Caldwell

A strange and compelling hybrid of styles, A.C. Caldwell’s “Wail” pits a gritty guitar-and-organ groove against a startlingly pretty string…

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Blood Brothers

Four words say it all. The Blood Brothers make an eloquent case for lyrical simplicity with this driving number that…

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Illustration formed ranks when blues-rock outfits (with powerful horn sections comprised of funky White men) became a standard. While their…

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Sound Experience

Sound Experience

An apt title if there ever was one, “Blow Your Mind” opens with a shambolic, fuzz-soaked riff that might have…

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Chairmen of the Board

Peppered with lush and precise arrangements, spiced via a powerful backing of organs and drums, and all under the vocal…

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