G. Kerr Orchestra

“Back Lash” (All Platinum) 1970


An early member of the Motown stable, George Kerr was a talented songwriter who produced memorable hits for the Whatnauts, the O’Jays, and the Moments, among others. Here, the New York native pens an unlikely instrumental rock number, comprised of generous slabs of distorted guitar, Iron Butterfly organ, and reckless drumming.


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  1. Used to play this joint all the time growing up. Took this 45 from my cousin’s 45 collection. RAW, OFF-BEAT, FUNKY AS ALL HELL!Love the guitar!

    – Tony "T" Fultz
  2. All Platinum was Sylvia Robinson’s label who would go onto establish ‘SugarHill Records’ famously – I write simply as i’ve just purchased a copy of The Equations cut ‘Your were no good (from the Git-go)’ [AP-2317] which oddly is underscored by “Music by Willie & The Mighty Magnificants”, anybody got info on this cut please?



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