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"What Do You Know" (Tru Thoughts)




Benedic Lamdin, aka Nostalgia 77, and his band haven’t wasted any time in releasing a new album. In just over a year’s time since their last release, The Taxidermist, a new batch of eleven tunes comprises A Journey Too Far, which is due February 11. Coming in at a short, but sweet forty minutes, Journey sets a lush and organic mood, blending beautiful orchestral pop with jazz, soul, and reggae vibes. In an interview, Lamdin revealed, “The songs here have, on the whole, been written over the last couple of years. The instrumental records are written by the whole band and generally recorded and mixed in a few days. We tend to do one every couple of years regardless of what other things I’ve been working on.”

In an exclusive premiere, we get to hear the fruits of their labor on “What Do You Know,” which features the vocals of German vocalist Josa Peit. The pair build upon their past collaborations (joining forces for nine of the eleven album tracks). The two met over email, Lamdin recalls, through a love of music. “What Do You Know” started out as a track on guitar, and the arrangement was further embellished with bass player Riaan Vosloo, one of the Nostalgia 77 band members. What contributes to the organic vibe of the song is that everything is tracked together, save a few overdubs like strings, extra keyboards, and percussion.

As often is with art, the results weren’t entirely what Lamdin had set out to do. “I had a pretty clear picture of what I wanted to do, but I have to say only part of the record worked out how I imagined. Somehow, this nearly always seems to be the way!” he gleefully admits. The results are gorgeous regardless.

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