Teddy Pendergrass Live in ’82

Shout! Factory releases live Teddy P DVD filmed just before paralyzing car accident


Shout! Factory is releasing long-lost footage from a 1982 Teddy Pendergrass concert on DVD today, March 29. Teddy Pendergrass Live in ’82 depicts the legend in his final concert before becoming paralyzed in a devastating accident later that year.

Pendergrass performs several of his biggest hits on this DVD, including “Close the Door” and “Love T.K.O.,” as can be seen here in all its smooth splendor.


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  1. This is long over do. This man has not been appreciate at all. Teddy was a real class act that made women squrim. I know because when I listen to his music everyday all most all day. I miss you Teddy and your music will forever live on in the hearts of Americans. Sing good for the Lord up in those heavenly skies.

    – Zeigler

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