Video of Tower Records on Sunset, Los Angeles, in 1971



From the Internet Archive and the Center for Sacramento History, we bring you a glimpse into record heaven in 1971. This look at Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles is, frankly, a little bit mind-blowing. Stacks and stacks of vinyl and boxes of albums are everywhere. They didn’t need a warehouse; they just filled the whole store up with records. Shout out to Vintage Los Angeles.

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  1. […] [h/t Wax Poetics] […] | You Could Try To Imagine Record Shopping at Tower Records in Los Angeles in 1971 – Or You Could Just Watch This (VIDEO).
  2. And look at those prices!

    – Gr8teful Dead
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  4. Somebody can take me back to the store in those days?… and put me in the vid?

    – Jordi
  5. […] 25 or so years earlier to 1971- yes sir, the glory days of vinyl. This video that popped up on Wax Poetics (via the Internet Archive) shows how deep their selection was.  Stacks of wax everywhere – […]

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  6. […] Essas imagens capturadas em 1971 na Tower Records de Los Angeles nos lembram dos tempos em que o vinil era a principal moeda da indústria fonográfica e visitávamos tempos gigantescos cheios de estantes de bolachas pretas com capas enormes e de difícil manuseio. Uma atividade que hoje é restrita a colecionadores e DJs era comum entre o público da virada dos anos 70 para os 80, antes da indústria dar o primeiro tiro no próprio pé ao criar o CD. O vídeo tava no Internet Archive mas foi pinçado pela Wax Poetics. […]

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  7. […] Via Wax Poetics. […]

    Video of Tower Records on Sunset, Los Angeles, in 1971 |
  8. Didn’t start @ Tower Sunset ’til 1975 – Hired by Charlie Shaw, & sure do miss Robert Stapleton & Greg Shaw-!

    – Susan Heffernon
  9. Straight to the jazz section with a $100 bill!

    – Lord Dubious
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  11. this 16mm film was digitized by the california audiovisual preservation project. we preserve and make accessible film, video and audio recordings that are significant to california history. so glad this recording is getting so much play!

    pamela vadakan
  12. […] Video of the previous Tower Data on Sundown Boulevard in LA. Presumably, the Classical Annex throughout the road hadn’t opened but. Each now closed, in fact. I ended on the unique Tower Data in Sacramento earlier this month, which is now a special retailer. Wax Poetics […]

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  13. This video is excellent. Cruised Tower many times while cruzing Hollywood Blvd and Sunset. So many memories. The Whiskey, The Troubador saw Jim Morrison there in tbe 60’s. The Teenage Fair at the Peladium. Saw Jimmi and Janis there in the late 60’s.

    – vivian beam
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  16. Two stacks of my almost unknown bands first album (Morning) at 1:24 – that is really too freaky! Those were the good (sounding) old days of analog tape and vinyl.

    – JH
  17. Very curious to know the name of the person who posted the comment starting with…Didn’t start at Tower until 1975…

  18. […] Video of Tower Records on Sunset, Los Angeles, in 1971. […]

    DOC: Video of Tower Records on Sunset, Los Angeles, in 1971 | SONGS SMITHS
  19. A friend of mine sent me this who worked there in the 80’s
    I also worked there. I think half of Hollywood worked there.
    They had concerts in the parking lot. The Gibson guitar company will be there soon.

    – greg

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