“Magdalena” video premiere

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro


Look Around the Corner, out now on Tru Thoughts, is the first full collaborative album from musical soulmates Quantic and Alice Russell, two of the U.K.’s best loved independent artists and leading lights of the international funk, soul, and alternative dance music scene. This intoxicating record mixes sweet soul and blues with overtones of folk and gospel, and the inimitable swing of Quantic’s world-renowned outfit the Combo Bárbaro, who form the core band.

This second single highlights popular album cut “Magdalena,” which melds an irresistible soulful stomp with vibrant folkloric influences and a singalong feel. The lead track is joined by a treasure trove of remixes and exclusives, putting a new spin on this music for the first time and exploring its classic, genre-crossing appeal. It’s available on 12-inch vinyl and on iTunes.

Since the release of Look Around the Corner, Quantic has been in the music headlines again with his lauded Ondatrópica project (Soundway), and Alice with her recent single “Heartbreaker,” preceding her fifth solo album due out in February. With growing international fanbases, regular sell out tours, and coverage across the world’s music and cultural media Quantic and Alice Russell are each well established and prolific artists in their own right. This stunning project has brought their unique talents to the attention of an even wider audience, and the “Magdalena” single continues the story.


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