Count C, the Wizard of the West


In Issue 48, Joshua Chamberlain pens an ode to the recently departed Count C, a Jamaican sound-man that, while may be virtually unknown outside the island, was highly influential to the countless artists growing up around his yard. Here is Chamberlain’s short film shot over the course of Count’s final few years.

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  1. Hi Josh. Thanks for documenting one of our early unsung pioneer of the Sound System, it was a real pleasure participating in this feature, Long live Cyril “Count C” Braitwaite legacy and my his soul rest in peace

    – Roy
  2. Sound systems keep Jamaica vital. Live on!

    Len Romano
  3. Great it was good R.I.P and without Count C there would be no me. My father Noel Williams “KING SPORTY” was among one of the great sound men of Jamiaca Thanks to him even I and King Sporty’s Grand kids are making music.

    Tashamba Williams
  4. Cont.c is the Uncle of my Partner Laurel Bennett and Grand Uncle of My Son Asher Daron .He was a Jamaican Musical Giant and great person in General, very positive and loving , A Mahatma . His Great legacy will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those of us whom he touched with his encouraging words of wisdom & love .

    Peace & Love

    – Eloy Daron
  5. congratulations, beautiful movie! his story can not be forgotten! this film is essential to history of jamaican sound system culture (50s and 60s) not die! RIP COUNT C. FOUNDATION & PIONEER!

  6. Loved the film, thanks for sharing with us.


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