Wax Poetics Issue 36 – The Brazil Issue


For our first Brazil Issue, writer David Katz sat down with tropicalia founder Gilberto Gil at his Bahia residence and spoke about the past and present. We talk with the great percussionist Airto Moreira and the brilliant Arthur Verocai, and take a look at soul man Tim Maia. Also: Jards Macale, Ceu, Joyce, Jose Roberto Bertrami, Marcio Local.

  • re:Discovery Os Brazoes, Paul Winter & Carlos Lyra, Cassiano, Ozzie Dasilva, DJ Richardinho
  • Marcio Local Rio Vocalist Creates a Natural Flow From Samba, Soul and Hip-Hop
  • Joyce Brazilian Singer-Songwriter Finds New Light with Lost Album
  • Ceu Music is as Open as the Sky For the Brazilian Chanteuse
  • Black Rio 2 DJ Cliffy Offers Advanced Studies in Funky Samba
  • Jose Roberto Bertrami Azymuth Key-Man Puts Forty Years of Playing into His Solo Album
  • Triorganico Los Angeles Acoustic Threesome Conjures Brazil’s Breezy Side
  • Record Rundown Joel Stones Preserves Brazilian Psych at His NYC Record Boutique, Tropicalis in Furs
  • Like Minds Jards Macale and Friends United a Hemisphere of Art and Music
  • Truth to Power Tropicalist Gilberto Gil Declared Independence Desipte Brazil’s Military Regime
  • Man Out of Time Arranger/composer Arthur Verocai Waited over Three Decades for the World to Catch Up
  • Percussive Passion Airto Moreira Brought Brazilian Folkloric Rhythms to American Jazz
  • Soul Searching In Pursuit of His Calling, Tim Maia Sparked the ’70s Soul Movement in Brazil
  • Analog Out Rediscovering Latin America’s Forgotten Electronic Pioneers
  • Converse 45 Series

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