Saturday Night Special


Although Detroit is best known for fostering the musical talents of countless Motown artists, the Motor City played host to a spectrum of scenes. While the Jackson 5’s “Dancing Machine” was incinerating dance floors nationwide, an accomplished organist name Lyman Woodard was putting the finishing touches on Saturday Night Special, a unique amalgamation of organ funk, sophisticated soul, and straight-ahead jazz, which has garnered an enormous cult following in the years since its release.

Unlicensed reissues have been circulating for years, each suffering from low-fidelity confines of a single LP and rendered by recording the original record. Now, in full cooperation with Lyman Woodard and Strata Records, Wax Poetics has remastered the original tapes, unlocking the sonic brilliance of these legendary sessions for the first time on this double LP.

Saturday Night Special is the fifth release by Wax Poetics Records, which, like its sister publication, is quickly becoming the authority on soul music’s unsung heroes.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Saturday Night Special
  2. Joy Road

Side B

  1. Belle Isle Daze
  2. Creative Musicians
  3. Saturday Night Special (alternate take)

Side C

  1. Cheeba
  2. Allen Barnes

Side D

  1. On Your Mind
  2. Help Me Get Away

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  1. Hey, I’d be interested in picking up a copy (vinyl or digital) of the LWO’s “Don’t Stop the Groove” for both listening and sentimental reasons; I worked with Lyman designing and shooting the orignal artwork for the cover and back, back in 1979, if I’m not mistaken. Please email me and let me know as soon as you can. Thanks, David.

    – David Franklin
  2. […] copy if he could get one. He introduced me to Marcus Belgrave’s Gemini II, Lyman Woodard’s Saturday Night Special and many other classics. Bob Gibson from Boston was legendary as well as someone who was way ahead […]

    Dust & Grooves – Adventures in Record Collecting. A book about vinyl records collectors » Jeff “Chairman” Mao – Harlem, NY

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